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Trow Group transforms waste to valuable resource with the TBG 530T Shredder

Read the full article in Deals on Wheels NZ Issue 373 April 2024 “SHREDDING EXPERTS”

When presented with the opportunity to demonstrate a Terex Ecotec High Speed Shredder from Mobile Screening & Crushing (MSC), Trow Group were excited to get on board….

Saia Latu, Trow Group’s Managing Director elaborates, “With the TBG 530T High-Speed Shredder from MSC we are able to transform salvaged timber from homes across Tamaki Makaurau into what we like to call “Black Gold” – a fundamental Mulch that acts as quality control for any outdoor plant and tree life. Thanks to the TBG 530T, we are now able to test and trial different varieties of Mulch to ensure that only the highest standard is soon available to the community. We saw this technology as a step in the right direction for Deconstruction, as it brings the life of these materials to a full cycle”.

At Trow Group’s site the wood waste was repurposed into quality ground cover mulch, with all nails and steel removed via. the TBG 530T’s overband magnet. Trow Group’s aim of repurposing over 80% of salvageable materials, teamed with the Ecotec TBG 530T Shredder enabled this demolition waste to be transformed into a valuable, saleable product”.  

The TBG 530T boasts an open-ended feed hopper, facilitating effortless feeding of long materials and allowing for the feeder to be reversed if necessary to clear any unsuitable contamination in the raw feed material. This eliminates the need for any manual clearing and ensures minimal downtime. This open hopper area also enables the TBG 530T to be fed from both a front end loader or excavator. The intelligent control system controls the feeder (consisting of 5 x heavy duty drag chains) and the advanced, customizable feed wheel to ensure the highest output available and consistent feed on each type of product. The control system has preset programs for light and heavy greenwaste, wood waste plus 3 x customizable programs to ensure a quick change of parameters for each product.  

Sitting at 25 ton, the Terex Ecotec TBG 530T is a great option for the contractor or medium to small operator needing to shred greenwaste, forestry slash, wood waste, C&D waste and raw bark.

Unit in stock now. Call the MSC Sales Team: Dan – 027 2255 838 (North Island) or Stew – 020 478 7456 (South Island) or email: sales@mobilescreening.co.nz

MSC article featured in Deals on Wheels NZ – Issue 373 Apr 2024

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