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MSC Customer Tim McColl Contracting featured in DOW

MSC article featured in Deals on Wheels NZ Issue 367 Oct 2023 “KEEP ON CRUSHING”

An opportunity to diversify their 35-year old contracting business almost came a cropper at the first hurdle, when Tim McColl suggested a specific idea to his wife, Annette. “When I mentioned we should look at crushing, she wondered why we wanted to get into the car game. After a quick chat we got things back on track and you can say the rest is history.”

Tim, Annette and their team of 12 employees at Tim McColl Contracting have kept busy with established farmers and other clients, while the aggregate side of the business has grown significantly.

“We started just over a year ago with a Terex EvoQuip Cobra 230R Impact Crusher. Mobile Screening & Crushing had one available and offered us the chance to try it on-site for a few days, so we picked it up and put it to work. We liked it so much, we bought it – simple as that.”

Over the following 12-months, Tim and his team have added another two Terex EvoQuip machines to their crushing operation, a Colt 600 Scalping Screen and a TC65 65-ft tracked Conveyor. “One of our secrets to success has been getting the right machinery for our operation, Dan Meikle at MSC has been great at suggesting ways we can enhance the business with innovative machines,” said Tim. “Case in point is the Stacker, it helps keep things moving along and we’ve been going from strength to strength ever since.”

The relatively small size of the Fielding-based operation means that the team requires machines to be fit for purpose, reliable, agile and easily manoeuvrable. “We’ve found that the size of machines is just perfect, they take minimal time to pack down, move and then set up at a new site. When time is money, it’s important to be nimble and we’re able to do that with Terex EvoQuip.” The machines are also a step up from some old gear the team started with, meaning they’re capable of maintaining an average daily throughput of about 1,000-tonnes of rock, though there are some days which sees that number rise to 1,500-tonnes.

“I’ve found MSC are great to deal with, they’re a small family operation much like ourselves. If I need to get in touch with them about something, I know I have direct access to the people who run the business. “Their response times are excellent, they get stuff done – there’s no sitting around for a few days waiting for someone to get back to you.”

MSC article featured in Deals on Wheels NZ – Issue 367 Oct 2023
MSC article featured in Deals on Wheels NZ – Issue 367 Oct 2023

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