TSS 390 Slow Speed Shredder

The TSS 390 is a robust and versatile single shaft, slow speed shredder. Powered by a fuel efficient 493HP Scania DC13 engine, it is designed for maximum output and minimum down time. Ideal for volume reduction, the TSS 390 has the ability to handle the toughest of materials including tree stumps and roots, green waste, C&D waste, waste wood, pallets and rail ties. The TSS 390 is simple to operate, offers excellent all-round serviceability and is available in both tracked and wheeled variants.


Key Features

  • Robust and versatile single shaft slow speed shredder
  • Designed for maximum output and minimum downtime
  • 500HP (368kW) Scania engine
  • Hydrostatically driven 3m (9’10”) shredding shaft for maximum control of speed and direction
  • Excellent serviceability throughout including ground level chamber access

Technical Specifications



Single shaft slow speed (0 –32 RPM)
Hydrostatic drive allows full control of shaft speed and direction, with user programmable shaft cycles to suit different applications
Hydraulically operated counter-comb to easily adjust product sizing
Full speed reverse and quick direction change allows improved shaft cleaning in difficult applications, without compromising on throughput
2 stage shaft motor automatically switches to high torque mode when required to help with strong/dense materials
Automatic relief functions of both shaft and comb allow contaminants to pass through without causing harm
Shaft length: 3000mm
Easily accessible, bolt-on teeth
Shaft can be controlled by radio remote in a blockage situation


1000mm (39”)
Cassette style -removable for maintenance
Speed wheel to detect conveyor under-speed and stop machine
Product conveyor raises hydraulically to allow transfer conveyor removal


1200mm (47”)
Variable discharge height: 4.65m –1.8m (15’ 3” –5’ 10”)
Conveyor lowers to 15 degrees allowing ground level maintenance
Speed wheel to detect conveyor under-speed and stop machine
Lifts hydraulically to allow removal of transfer conveyor


Can be discharged either side of machine
Hydraulic Raise/lower– can be operated via remote control
Lifts up away from product conveyor when not in use


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