Terex TSC 80T Conveyor

The TSC 80T is a self-powered 80ft tracked stockpiler with impressive features and conveying capacities. The intelligent design allows the machine to be folded small enough to fit inside a 40ft container and be shipped cost effectively globally.

The track in and out design lets operators simply track the machine out and fold into working position and start conveying material. Hydraulic angle adjustment and belt speed adjustment ensure optimum performance in every application. A maximum discharge height of 10.5m (34’ 6”) and capacities of up to 500tph.


Key Features

  • Steel lined feedboot as standard providing extended wear life. Feedboot extensions and rubber lined options also available
  • Hydraulic angle adjustment from 0° to 28° for easy plant integration
  • Hydraulic adjustment for variable feed height reduces impact and provides optimal material transfer
  • Dual-speed tracks for quick and controlled deployment

Technical Specifications


  • Conveyor length: 23.5m (77’)
  • Belt width: 1,050mm (42”)
  • Discharge height: 9.95m (32’ 8”) @ 24°
  • Max. discharge height: 10.41m (33’ 2”) @ 25°
  • Production capacity: Up to 500TPH

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