Stump Crusher 850 Pro

MSC are proud to offer as part of their product portfolio, Dipperfox ‘Stump Crusher’ attachments, which are several times faster and a lot more fuel efficient than the traditional methods of stump removal.   Now the same job gets done 4 times faster, with a much cleaner end result.

This unique tool is ideal for clearing the ground after deforestation, preparing plots for construction or farming, trenching or urban landscaping.


Key Features

  • 10 times faster than other known stump removal methods
  • 180 stumps in 1 hour – fastest and most efficient drill on the market
  • Drilling speed per stump: 20 Seconds
  • Suitable for forest and urban challenges
  • No waste to utilize left behind (grinded stump will be used as fertilizer for the ground)
  • Can be used with any excavator between 14 to 30 tons
  • Automatic speed/torque adjustment
  • No electricity, no cables to connect (fully hydraulic operation)
  • Unit can be stored in outside conditions
  • Bolt-able consumables (double-sided cutting blades, screw)
  • Easy to maintain – long (250 hour) oil change cycle
  • Light weight
  • Reduced noise pollution, compared with grinders

Technical Specifications


  • Weight: 575 kg
  • Cutting diameter: 850 mm
  • Cutting step/chip thickness:  40-50 mm
  • 1st-gear rotation speed: 30 RPM*
  • 2nd-gear rotation speed: 60 RPM*




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