Rotastar RS20-30

The Rotastar is a unique, high-output screening bucket that combines many market-leading features.

The Lloyd Rotastar™ bucket has a unique screening action. It rotates the material in a similar manner to a trommel screen, but has the benefit of rotating star discs, agitating and clawing at the material as it turns. This is achieved by mounting star shafts on a large arc, forming the back and top of the bucket.

Material is constantly rotated, without any chopping or pinching, making screening of damp, fragile and special materials possible.

Screening Applications:

  • Compost
  • Top Soil
  • Sand
  • Stone
  • Peat
  • Aggregates
  • Mixed waste
  • Trench padding
  • Fine screening


Key Features

  • High output and excellent cost effectiveness
  • Quiet running
  • Uncompromised quality
  • Original, unrivalled performance, with unparalleled productivity
  • Light weight, flexible, self-cleaning polyurethane stars
  • Massive screening area with replaceable inner panels for machine longevity and shaft end discs for low running costs
  • Flexible self-cleaning star elements with no chopping; exceptional for screening fragile materials like turf roots and compost
  • Low power requirement and no contamination from crushed material
  • Unique rotary material flow, with no pinching or crushing
  • Rugged construction, for long life and reliability
  • Easy maintenance

Technical Specifications


Rotastar RS20-30 suitable for 20-30 Ton Excavator

  • Carrier weight: 20–30 tonnes
  • Output Average: Average 90 t/hr
  • Shafts: 8
  • Bucket capacity: 1.2m3
  • Hydraulic requirement: 140 litres/min, 70–180 bar
  • Bucket weight: 1700kg
  • Working width: 1260mm
  • Overall width: 1260mm

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